Red Wheelbarrow Student Edition, 2020!

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Red Wheelbarrow Student Edition is an annual student-edited literary magazine published each spring by De Anza student editors showcasing the best fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, art, and literary performance pieces produced by De Anza students during that academic year. Anyone who has taken a De Anza class during the current year is eligible to submit work. Submitted manuscripts are discussed and evaluated without editors knowing names of those submitting; editors are students in the EWRT 68A/AX "Literary Editing" course spring quarter. Here below is this year's "clickable" table of contents; any blue links will lead you to the red wheelbarrow YouTube Channel to hear the author read their piece to you, or to a visual representation of the piece of some other sort. The journal is also attached here as a 190 page (!) downloadable PDF. Enjoy the PDF for free or get a print version on campus as soon as the campus reopens from either the Language Arts Division office (for contributor's copies) or the De Anza Bookstore (for anyone who wants one, $12).

HOW TO VIEW FILE and see the facing pages as if it were a real book—best to open  in Acrobat:

  • Download the attached PDF file of the 2020 Student edition from this website—to your desktop or other device
  • Open ACROBAT. (you can do this in Preview or other applications as well; it works best in Acrobat).
  • Choose "Open" in file menu and open this downloaded PDF of the 2020 student magazine<
  • Go to VIEW drop down menu and go to PAGE DISPLAY
  • Toggle "two page view" in Page display.
  • Toggle "Show Cover Page in Two Page View" as well.
  • NOW—you will be able to see the file as if it were the actual book—with the facing pages correctly oriented :-)

You can also browse the Red Wheelbarrow YouTube Channel. —The channel will be fully ready for view starting at the Launch (June 24th, 6:00 PM)

Please do come to our Zoom Launch on the evening of June 24th between 6:00 and 8:00 PM to meet the authors, see the art, and hear the work read aloud :-). Annual Red Wheelbarrow prizes will be awarded. RSVP to

NOTE: For the Red Wheelbarrow National Edition & general submission guidelines & prize information, go here!

Red Wheelbarrow Student Edition, 2020

Clickable Table of Contents Here Below:

 Full cover

Cover Art

Front Cover art: Christina Wu, “Civilization v Nature Series, I”
Back Cover art: Christina Wu, “Civilization v Nature Series, III”
Frontispiece: Alyanna Posadas, “Nobody Was Prepared”


Poetry & Prose

  • Pamela Williams | Veils 8
  • Norman Aragones | Growing Up 9
  • Thanh Le | The Big Boy 10
  • Julia Shih | america the day it went cold turkey off prozac 11
  • Crystal Flores | America in Chains 13
  • Anthony Cortez | Work 14
  • Fareed Shayek | Afghan Rugs 15
  • Fareed Shayek | Sometimes I Wish I Could 16
  • Tiffany Le | Melodious Nocturne 18
  • Daniel Flores | Bliss 19
  • Jordan Covington | Lottery Ticket 20

Interview Feature:

  • Community Voices after the Murder of George Floyd | Kassandra Tejeda 23

Art Folio I

  • Christina Wu | Civilization v. Nature Series II 61
  • Thanh Le | #NOtoViolenceagainstWOMEN 62
  • Francesca Jassir | Palenquera 63
  • Angie Caputa | Shared Space 64
  • Chloe Benz | Anne 65
  • Alyanna Posadas | Restless Waters 66
  • Alyanna Posadas | Distorted Reality 67
  • Travis Wynn | Working Life I 68
  • Travis Wynn | Working Life II 69
  • Norman Aragones | The Coronavirus Pandemic Comic 70
  • Francesca Jassir | Untitled 72

Poetry & Prose

Art Folio II

Poetry & Prose

Art Folio III

  • Alyanna Posadas | A Typical Day 163
  • Ian Tong | Irithyll 164
  • Ian Tong | Mermaid 165
  • Casey Cosgrove | Character Sheet 166
  • André Zambrana | Colliding Dimensions 167
  • Thanh Le | Chasing the Horizon 168
  • Fareed Shayek | The New Judy Lin 169
  • Kassandra Tejeda | Galvanic Corrosion 175
  • Deven Sutaria | Riddle 29 176
  • Jesslyn Djaja | Running 177
  • Lamberto Diaz Diaz, Jr. | Elegy for My Sanctuary 181
  • Zach Patti | from The High School 182

Winner, 2020 Jim Luotto Prize for the Literary Essay

  • Hannah Estolano | Double-Helix, Double-Consciousness: Character Doubles in “Fatherland” 186

Kinetic Sculptures, YouTube Channel:


  • Mariah Casas
  • Gloria Delgado
  • Crystal Flores
  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Aliya Nupbay
  • Zachary Patti
  • Irving Sanchez
  • Fareed Shayek
  • Kassandra Tejeda
  • Annmarie Truong
  • Annie Vu
  • Michael Wallerius

Faculty Advisor

  • Ken Weisner

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