Grading Criteria

100 points possible
  • 10 points for bringing 2 pages on Peer Response day,
  • 15 points for addressing the audience, anaphora, and metaphor,
  • 15 points for pathos, ethos, and logos,
  • 20 points for a wide variety of evidence (statistics, quotations, specific examples, anecdotes),
  • 20 points for grammar, punctuation, and spelling,
  • 20 points for concession/ rebuttal and correct Work Cited for the King quote.


Your Synthetic Essay:

___/10 for bringing a draft on October 26.

___/ 30 for an interesting thesis well supported by examples and quotations.

___/ 20 for correctly quoting and paraphrasing.

___/ 5 for Works Cited list.

___/ 5 for style and originality.

___/10 for using vocabulary from reading and discussion.

___/20 for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

___/100 TOTAL


Sample contract mostly copied from Barkley et al.

For the next several class periods, I will be participating in a group to learn:___________________________________________________
I am committed to participating effectively in this group learning activity and will strive to do the following: [Students supply their own actions but here are examples from Barkley et al.]

  • Come to class regularly and on time
  • Come prepared and ready to share in my group
  • Listen actively to what others have to contribute
  • Be supportive of the efforts and initiatives of others
If I do not follow the above rules, I will do the following to compensate: [Again, students supply their own ideas so the following are examples.]
  • __If I miss a class, I agree to ask a group member ahead to time to take notes for me. If it is an unintended absence, I will get the notes from a group member and make up any group work I missed.
  • __If I am unable to prepare for a group assignment, I will make up for and do an additional proportional share of the work on the next assignment.
  • __I I notice or if someone points out that I am not listening, I will stop what I am doing and immediately give my full attention to whomever is speaking.

Signed__________________ Date_________________________

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