Scavenger Hunt

I divide the class into groups of about 4. The groups must stay together to successfully complete the hunt. I try to keep the questions up-to-date, so this should be changed. I give each person a half sheet so they all know the questions, but only ONE needs to be filled in.
EWRT 100B Scavenger Hunt


  1. What is the name of the receptionist in Skills/ Tutorial (L47)?_______________
  2. Bring back a handout or else information about using the online resources of the Library from off campus (at Information Desk in Library=Learning Center).
  3. Bring one copy of the FAFSA (Free Financial Aid form) from the Financial Aid Office.
  4. What is the procedure to get tutoring in the Writing and Reading Center in AT 309?___________________________________
  5. What decoration is on Ms. Patton’s door (F11J) today?_____________
  6. Find the Language Arts Division office and tell the name of ONE open class.______________
  7. Bring the brochure which tells you the names of all the clubs on campus (Student Activities Office).
  8. Bring one item from the Health Center (basement of Student Center) : choice of aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or condom.
  9. Bring one handout from the Transfer Center.
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