Chairs and Faculty Serving on other Shared Governance Committes

Committee Position Tel E-mail
College Council      Karen Chow
Academic Senate President
Christina Espinosa-PiebIPBT President  8958
Kevin Glapion SSPBT Co-Chair 8959
Erik Woodbury Curriculum Co-Chair  5722
Mary Pape Instruction PBT-Co Chair  8877
Tim Shively FA Rep  5728
Campus Budget  Susan Cheu Co-Chair, VP Administrative SErvices  8976
Karen Chow Co-Chair, Academic Senate President 5551
Tim Shively, Faculty  5728
Instructional Planning and Budget Team
Mary Pape Co-Chair, 
Academic Senate Vice President
Lorrie Ranck Co-Chair, VP Instruction  8510
Diana Alves de Lima, Faculty  8877
Rich Booher, Faculty  5787
Anu Khanna, Faculty  8600
Rick Maynard, Faculty  8704
Erik Woodbury, Faculty  5722
Student Services Planning and Budget(SSPBT)  Kevin Glapion SSPBT Co-Chair
Rob Mieso SSPBT Co-Chair
Rob Mieso     
Administrative Services Planning and Budget Team (APBT) Pam Grey, Co-chair
Michele Fritz, Faculty 
Carol Cini

Pam Grey, Interim Chair 8209  
Carol Cini, Faculty
Mary Sullivan, Faculty
Equity Action Council
 Open, Faculty    
Professional Development Leave  Dorene Novotny, Chair 6211 
Management Rep (Vacant)    
Dave Capitolo, Faculty 8312 
Natasha Joplin, Faculty/Counselor 5405 
Sherri Cozzens, Faculty
Cheryl Owiesny, Faculty
Chancellor's Advisory Randy Bryant
District Diversity Advisory  Inactive    
District Legislative  Inactive    
Human Resources Advisory Academic Senate member    
Educational Technology Advisory       
Hui, Cecilia 
Committee Position Tel E-mail
Curriculum Erik Woodbury, Faculty 5722 
Environmental Sustainability Paul Setziol, Faculty Chair 8512 
Scheduling Inactive    
Library Advisory Faculty    
We're All In 
This Together (WAITT)
Committee Position Tel E-mail
Technology Committee  Marisa Spatafore, Co-Chair
Mary Pape Co-

Professional Relations   Paul Setziol, Faculty Chair 8512  
Monica Sheirich   
 Bob Stockwell
 Peter Miskin 
Graduation Inactive    
Bookstore Advisory  Inactive    
Campus Center Advisory Paula Joseph 8758
College Environmental Advisory Group Alicia De Toro, Faculty  5317
Child Development
Standing Hiring Committee 
for Classified Staff
Enrollment Management Task Force      
Student Grievance Michele LeBleu-Burns
Student Dev. Dean
Catalyst Features Faculty 8969
District Hardware/Software Standards Faculty    
 Academic Integrityand Disruptive Behavior   Mayra Cruz
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