Faculty Development, Academic Freedom, Professional Ethics, & Equity

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"Engaging in Political Advocacy" vs. "Teaching Political Engagement" - Article cautioning against using public resources for partisan or political purposes but still allowing engagement in political advocacy. The article discusses the balance and how it releates to political responsibilities, practices, and advocacy of faculty in this paradigm.

Academic Freedom - Overview of academic freedom as it pertains to freedom to study, teach and express ideas without censorship, political restraint or retribution and the rights thereof.

American Association of University Professors Academic Bill of Rights - Link to the AAUP regarding 25 topics to abide "by the best scholarly and ethical standards of their disciplines". Provides a standard of academic integrity and a movement to introduce Academic Bill of Rights elements into official government legislation.

Statement of Professional Ethics

Student Equity - The commitments of faculty regarding student access, retention and success require a commitment of resources, time, thought, planning, and positive attitude from the college community.
Office of Organizational and Staff Development

Office of Equity

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