Notes - February 7, 2005

De Anza Academic Senate
Approved Notes for the meeting of
February 7th, 2005

Senators and Officers present: Bresnan, Bryant, Chenoweth, Cole, Cordero, Dolen, Fritz, Goodwin, Hearn, Hrycyk, Illowsky, Jensen Sullivan, Logvinenko, Mitchell, Moreno, Mosh, Pierce, Salah, Setziol, Sheirich, and Zarecky
Senators and Officers absent: Argyriou, Dunn, Joplin, Lopez-Morgan, Mujal, and Winters
DASB: Alex Candia and Katie Zeng
Classified Senate: Dennis Shannakian
Administrative Liaison:
Guests: Karl Schaffer

[NOTE: Item numbers are reflective of agenda numbers in the order they are actually taken up at the meeting.]

The meeting was called to order at 2:33, a quorum being present.

I. Approval of Agenda and Notes: The notes of January 31st were approved as distributed. The Agenda was approved as distributed after Mitchell made note of a few distribution concerns, especially to students.

II. Needs and Confirmations: There is a need for two faculty to serve on the Campus Center Advisory Board. Clara Lam, Michelle DuBarry, Diane Alves De Lima, Bill Turner, and Suzanne Helfman were confirmed for service on the Director of Readiness Search and Selection Committee. Tim Shively was added to the ad hoc sub committee on scheduling issues.

III. District Environmental Policy Revisions: A revision to District environmental policy is on the agenda for the February 7th Board meeting. The changes were said to be prompted by the threat of a significant fine proposed by the District Attorney of Santa Clara County for violations of a wide variety of statutes having to do with hazardous materials. Setziol pointed out that the original Board policy was much more encompassing, that the version being revised dealt only with construction projects, and that, at least, the one proposed dealt with more than projects. Mitchell said that, in light of the situation he has initially come up with the following possibilities: Either 1) The proposed policy could be called a hazardous materials policy with a more comprehensive environmental policy coming later or 2) The proposed might be stopped and modified to be a comprehensive policy including the hazardous materials piece of such concern at the moment. The group currently called the College Environmental Advisory Group (CEAG) could be returned to a College and District status as a collegewide committee reporting to the College Council.

Jensen Sullivan detailed the work of CEAG, distributed a brochure about the main areas of direct concern to the committee, including areas of accomplishment and disappointment, and emphasized the importance of environmental modeling and education, linking these to the college mission statement calling for De Anza to enable its students to be responsible citizens. At the end of her presentation, Jensen Sullivan asked whether or not it would be good to invite Mike Brandy to the February 14th meeting to discuss the current status of the hazardous materials problem and other matters of concern. She also asked if the group was interested in hearing from Ed Quevedo, a consultant on environmental matters and a member of a firm that has represented school districts in hazardous materials matters. Mitchell suggested waiting until the outcome of the February 7th Board meeting to decide if and when Brandy might be invited.

IV. Textbook Policy: Mitchell began the item by distributing a new version of the sections on Cost and Faculty Authored and Faculty Published Course Materials, saying that the officers had been discussing two very different possible directions for work on the textbook policy. Those two were: 1) Having the policy mostly limited to statements of principle with specific action plans or rulings coming later as needed (or scheduled) and 2) Including specific actions and rulings as appropriate before the document is completed. He said that the first option was consistent with previous Senate discussions and, without opposition, announced that the discussion would proceed framed by the notion that the policy would focus on statements of principle.

Some examples of potential future action or rulings pursuant to policy were expressed and referred to a later discussion. It was MSC(Mosh/Logvinenko) to approve the language distributed by Mitchell at the meeting (referenced above) with agreed upon minor changes.

V. Student Services PBT Report: The item was held over.

VI. For the Good of the Order:

  • Mitchell introduced Jane Patton, Area B representative of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges and asked for those staying to read Hayward Award nominations to identify themselves.
  • Illowsky reminded the group that the Bookstore had a fine selection of Valentine's cards and that purchasing some would be a good way to support the Bookstore.
  • Sheirich distributed a flyer announcing the opening of a doggie day care run by De Anza/HOPE (and employing students) and said that it was a good idea long overdue.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

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