Notes - October 31, 2005 (Joint Senates)

De Anza Academic Senate
Approved Notes for the meeting of the Joint Foothill and De Anza Academic Senates
October 31, 2005

As Mitchell was calling the meeting to order at 3:07, he announced, without objection, that the order of agenda items listed on the distributed agenda would be "played by ear" and that, for example, Item II would come later in the meeting than one might expect. [NOTE: Item numbers are reflective of agenda numbers in the order they are actually taken up at the meeting.]

I. Introductions: In typical fashion, there were self introductions of names, disciplines, and or Academic Senate officer status.

III. Visit from the Chancellor: Martha Kanter informed the group about her recent work and engaged questions about several topics. She distributed a handout dealing with the Teaching and Learning group she has formed and one about preparations for a potential bond measure. Several questions focused on the Teaching and Learning initiative. Kanter explained that the group was more about staff development and spurring innovation than about anything to do with compliance with student learning outcomes expectations. If we keep ahead, things like student learning outcomes will take care of themselves.

V. CalWorks Report: Daniel Dishno and Ron Jones made a presentation about job training and placement including but not limited to the CalWorks program. They explained the students are referred by "one stops" administered by the county for various programs, largely federally funded. One of the programs includes getting computers to students who could ill afford them. There are internships and classes at job sites as well as the more traditional on campus experience.

IV. State Senate Plenary Issues: Hearn and Starer presented the group with a few selected issues up for discussion and possible action at this week's Fall Session in Pasadena. A proposal to study consistency and inconsistency in majors preparation statewide was introduced as something which could be either a positive or negative thing depending on whether or not state level action stemming from the effort reduced local authority. Retired Foothill faculty member Mike McHargue will get both delegation's support for Senator Emeritus status.

II. New De Anza programs: The item was held over.

VI. Foothill CTIS Program Report: Bob Cormia, Foothill Senate Secretary and CTIS faculty member reported that the last three years has seen a 66% decline in the division's enrollment, with an additional 10% decline this fall quarter. The division has already been notified by Foothill College President Bernadine Fong that some action along the lines of Reduction in Force or Program Discontinuance may be necessary. If either happens, there will be an effect on the people and programs of the Business CIS division at De Anza,

VII. Harassment and Discrimination Policy Report: Hearn presented a thoughtful and strong message concerning the language pertaining to Academic Freedom and other course related subjects coming out of the negotiations sessions process used in developing draft policy. She will insist on language protecting Academic Freedom and the right and responsibility of the Academic Senate to determine what that is and how it applies.

VIII. Recognition of Sandy Hay: Mitchell and Starer distributed a draft resolution commending Sandy Hay for his years as a faculty member, first at Foothill and then for many years at De Anza as well as his eight years on the Board of Trustees (soon to expire). The resolution was adopted. Without objection, the group agreed to allow Starer and Hearn to make the language even more strongly commendatory than that distributed at the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:32.

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