Notes - March 13, 2006

De Anza Academic Senate
Notes for the meeting of
March 13, 2006

Senators and Officers present: Argyriou, Barney, Bryant, Capitolo, Chenoweth, Cordero, Cole, Dolen, Dunn, Fox, Fritz, Guevara, Hearn, Jensen Sullivan, Joplin, Kramer, Moreno, Rodriguez, Setziol, Sheirich, Ujifusa, Winters, Zill
Senators and Officers absent: Annen, Goodwin, Logvinenko, Mosh, Osborne
Curriculum Cochair: Anu Khanna
DASB: Saleha Pirzada and Menglan Fan (Susan)
Classified Senate:
Administrative Liaison: Christina Espinosa-Pieb
Guests: Matt Abrahams, Dan Salah, Rich Schroeder
The meeting was called to order at 2:30, a quorum being present.

I.   Approval of Agenda and Notes: The agenda was amended to change Item V to be Course Management System Report, by Bryant.  Notes were approved as distributed.

II. Needs and Confirmations:
Confirmations: Don Nickel was confirmed to serve on the Distance Learning Coordinator Search and Selection Committee.  He will join Beth Grobman, confirmed last meeting.
Ann Yen and Karen Villaba were confirmed to serve on the Child Development Classified Teacher Search and Selection Committee, with the request returned to the division asking that an additional at-large faculty and an additional CDC instructional faculty member be added. 
Paula Garcia, Joy Duremdes, and Mayra Cruz (pending her acceptance) were confirmed to serve on the Child Development Center Director Search and Selection Committee, with the request returned to the division asking that a CDE faculty member and an additional at-large faculty person be added. 
Confirmations for the Physical Education/Athletic Dean Search and Selection Committee are as follows:  Rich Schroeder, Kulwant Singh, Cheryl Owiesny, Marcia Peterson, Jim Haynes, Jeff Forman and Scott Hertler.
Confirmations for the Physical Education/Men’s Basketball Coach Search and Selection Committee are as follows:  Rich Schroeder, Kulwant Singh, Gary Zerecky, Debi Schafer- Braun, Marcia Peterson, Mike Mitchell, Arden Kragalott and Dawnis Guevara. 

III.  Tenure Recipient Recognition: Hearn recognized and congratulated the newly tenured De Anza faculty, to general applause and pie.  She polled the senators on their preference for a formal De Anza campus event to honor future tenure recipients (yes, perhaps sponsored by the President’s Office) and a more social gathering, perhaps a pot-luck at her house (yes (except for those who hate pot luck events) if voluntary).

IV.  Strategic Planning Presentation: Guests Matt Abrahams and Dan Salah led the group through a powerpoint presentation on this topic, beginning with a brief history of the development of it.  They are asking for faculty participation (up to 35) at the kickoff planning session May 4 (5:30-8:30) and May 5 (8:30-12:30) (anticipated times).  Meals will be provided to participants.  Hearn requested senators to work with faculty in their divisions to select two faculty members, by next week, who are willing and able to serve as division leads for this process, which will include attending the May 4/5 meetings plus leading the process within the division.  An additional 10 at-large faculty members will be added.  Espinosa-Pieb confirmed that PAA special service credit will be awarded. 

V.  Course Management System: Bryant reported that the selection has been narrowed to three possible purchases/adoptions:  Moodle, Angel and WebCT6.   He asked senators to remind faculty who are currently involved with distance or hybrid learning to look for the recent email that will link to a demo site set up for each of these systems, and to make their preference known to the selection committee, of which he is a part.

VI.  Senate Budget Report and Requests: Hearn reported on the general fund account, with $254 remaining.  Barney reported on the faculty contribution account, with a current $11,000 balance and a year end projection of approximately $13,000.  Hearn requested three disbursements from this account:
1. $600 for Senate Retreat and $400 for the Teaching/learning Conference for food/refreshments M/S/A  (Winters/Cordero)
2. Funds for two student leaders to attend the Spring Statewide Academic Senate Plenary Session (up to $300)  M/S/A  (Cordero/Jensen Sullivan)
3. Funding for one or more additional faculty members to attend the Session (up to $600)  M/S/A (Sheirich/Moreno)

VII.  Governance Retreat – Agenda Planning: Hearn reported on planning for the March 24 retreat with College senior administrators.  There are three major areas of concern so far identified for discussion and action:
1. Structure – relationships among the various decision-making bodies on campus, the identification and codification (where that does not exist) of those decision-making processes.
2. Style of interaction – with a commitment from all to the principle of respect in the workplace.
3. Academic Senate roles and concomitant commitments.

VIII.  Good of the Order:
•Khanna reported that Curriculum Committee is removing from the next catalog all courses with the 500 designation, to be replaced with TBA hours at specific locations on campus.
•Bryant reported on his attendance at the vocational education leadership conference and his strong endorsement/recommendation of that to others.
•Jensen Sullivan reminded senators of the Environmental Sustainability Committee biweekly meeting on Tuesdays and reported on the Environmental Management Plan progress, with a request for input from all interested on campus.
•Cordero distributed flyers about internships for students interested in becoming elementary school teachers, who will be in high demand in Silicon Valley over the next decade. 
•Setziol requested updates from Hearn on committees on which she serves.
•Hearn said she will email highlights of Executive Committee meetings on Wednesdays to Executive Committee senators who can then forward them to faculty in divisions, with their additions.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:35.

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