Notes - May 15, 2006

De Anza Academic Senate
Notes for the meeting of
May 15, 2006

Senators and Officers present: Argyriou, Barney, Bryant, Capitolo, Chenoweth, Cordero, Dolen,  Dunn, Fox, Goodwin,  Hearn, Jensen Sullivan, Joplin, Kramer, Logvinenko, Moreno, Mosh, Nagel, Osborne, Setziol, Sheirich, Ujifusa, Winters, Zill
Senators and Officers absent: Guevara
Curriculum Cochair: Khanna
Classified Senate: Olivia Patlan
Administrative Liaison:
Guests: Gregory Anderson, Shirley Kawazoe, Karl Schaffer

The meeting was called to order at 2:32, a quorum being present.
I. Approval of Agenda and Notes: The agenda and the notes of May 8, 2006 were approved.
II.  Needs and Confirmations: Setziol noted the following need:
• One faculty member to serve on the IPBT Committee for a two-year term.  IPBT meets every other Tuesday from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
The following were confirmed:
• Rowena Tomaneng was appointed to the Facilities Committee
• Cheryl Woodward was appointed to Search and Selection Committee for the position of Program Coordinator for the Internship Program (at NASA-Ames).

III. ETS Service Level Agreement: Hearn led the group in discussion of the remaining issues in this document, noting that the completed statements will be sent forward to the Technology Task Force for inclusion in their planning.
It is the sense of the Senate that there needs to be one service level agreement, not five.  
IV. Constitutional Changes regarding Part-Time Faculty Representation: Hearn presented proposed wording for changes to the Academic Senate Constitution.  It was MSA (Goodwin/Cordero) to approve the wording with amendments removing a $300 figure and including language limiting eligibility to those part-time faculty with re-employment preference.
V.  Selection of Division Senators: Hearn distributed proposed language for a change in the Academic Senate Constitution discussing how and when senators are selected by divisions.  After discussion it was decided that this issue will be revisited at a later date.
VI. Equity for All Report: Winters and Gregory Anderson continued with this presentation, pointing out areas of concern and asking for thoughts on how to address them.  This issue will be discussed at future Senate meetings.
VII.  Strategic Planning Update: Hearn and others reported on the positive outcomes of the Strategic Planning Workshop held last week.  There were four areas of commonality that seemed to be distilled from the discussions:  issues of equity, technology access and currency, individualization of the college experience, and community engagement.
VIII.  Plus/Minus Grading: Setziol asked senators for advice on the timing of workshops to be held this quarter for faculty.  Based on input, Mitchell and Setziol will plan two midday workshops on either Monday/Tuesday or Tuesday/Wednesday.
IX.  Good of the Order:
• Setziol:  Asked for and received a sense of the Senate suggesting that smoking on campus issues be non-confrontational.
• Winters:  Need faculty volunteers for the student diversity survey classroom activity.
• Bryant:  37th annual Duel at De Anza is this Sunday, May 21st.
• Dolen:  Music CD’s are available to faculty who visit the library reference desk.
• Argyriou/Goodwin:  Elections Committee reported on candidates who have come forward for officers for next year:  Hearn, Setziol, Chenoweth.
• Hearn:  Thursday, May 18th, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. reception for newly-tenured faculty.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:32.

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