Notes - October 16th, 2006

De Anza Academic Senate

Approved Notes for the meeting of

October 16th, 2006

Senators and Officers present: Bambhania, Capitolo, Chenoweth, Cole,  Coleman, Cordero, Dolen, Gallegos, Glapion, Goodwin, Hearn, Hertler, Jensen-Sullivan, Joplin, Kang, Kramer,  Lathers, Lee-Klawender,  Maynard,  Mowrey, Osborne,  Raffaelli, Schaffer, Setziol, Winters, and Zill

Senators and Officers absent: Bresnan, Kessler, Khanna, and Miller

DASB: Celeste Enriquez

Classified Senate:

Administrative Liaison:

Guests: Kathy Plum, Dolores Davison, Sal Breiter and Jeri Montgomery

[NOTE: Item numbers are reflective of agenda numbers in the order they are actually taken up at the meeting.]

The meeting was called to order at 2:32 a quorum being present.

I.    Approval of Agenda and Notes: The agenda was approved as distributed.

The notes of the meeting of October 9th were approved as distributed with a minor correction of an intentional error.

II.   Needs and Confirmations: Chenoweth announced a need for two faculty to serve on the ETAC (Educational Technology Advisory Committee) and two faculty to serve on the Campus Center Committee.  In addition, the sub committee on Environmental Sustainability can still use a faculty member or two.

The Mike Apio Tenure Review Committee was reconsidered.  Hearn has determined that an at large faculty representative can not be added in Phase One of review. It is possible that there will be a different administrator appointed in pursuit of a more ethnically and gender balanced committee.  Alex Swanner was approved for service on the ETAC.

III. Proposed Academic Senate Budget: Hearn began by referring to the proposed budget distributed at the October 9th meeting and saying that the projected ending balance could be increased by $1,000 from $6,100 to $7,100 due to the discovery that a maximum of one officer will be going to the Statewide Academic Senate's Leadership Institute instead of the two initially proposed.  Discussion focused on endowment of the Senate's scholarships.  The scholarship fund will pass the endowment point by the end of the 2007-2008 year at the current level of Senate contribution.  One idea expressed was to continue funding at the current level ($3,500 per year from the dues account) and increase the number of scholarships.  It was mentioned that the original understanding behind the $3,500 was to donate that amount only until endowment of the two $1,000 scholarships was reached and then go back to $2,000 for an undetermined period during which there could be discussion of increasing the amount of the scholarships, increasing the number of scholarships at the same level, or other ideas emerging over time.  Hearn proposed that, at the end of the 2006-2007 year, any amount over an ending balance of $8,500 (the year's beginning balance) be donated to he scholarship fund not to exceed $1,100, the amount projected remaining to reach endowment as of the end of the year.

At this point Hearn recognized guest Sal Breiter who came to make a brief presentation encouraging faculty to participate in a faculty development activity called "Peer to Peer: Class Visitation Workshop"  Details are available from Sal,  Karen Chow, or Marcos Cicerone.

IV. PBT Update: An intense discussion centered primarily on making sure that faculty representatives and co chairs maintain agreed upon process and not allow statements that "deals" or "decisions" have been made to carry any weight other than those made through the College Council.  There was also a significant discussion of how much faculty input was sufficient in order for deans to reasonably claim due faculty consultation.  Some suggested that "consultation" was insufficient and that faculty opinion (not just department chairs or coordinators) should be directly represented in the PBTs.  Hearn tried valiantly but was only partially successful in keeping the focus of the group on ensuring the currently expected process.  There was some confusion as to whether program reviews were to be used in reviewing/allocating all open faculty positions or just new positions.  Hearn clarified that it was only necessary to use the reviews as a basis for new positions plus any situations where they were needed for the discussion of other open positions if significant shifts in enrollment dictate.

Specific to the Student Services, Winters reported that work had been done on faculty, classified, and B budget areas with mixed results from a shared governance observance perspective.  Work is ongoing

V: Self Authored Course Materials - Board Policy : A document presenting proposed changes in Board Policy was described by Hearn as going in the opposite direction from the considered policy developed by the De Anza Senate by stating that faculty could profit directly from the sale of self authored, self published textbooks and other course materials even if they were only available in the district as long as the cost to students was less than what might otherwise be chosen as a text.  Schaffer and others expressed their dismay at the development.  Hearn will attempt to prevent the current language from going forward before the De Anza Senate has had a chance to present and argue for very different language from the draft in hand.

VI. Bookstore Coordination: Jeri Montgomery from the bookstore appeared before the group.  Her main reason for coming was to secure approval of a bookstore proposal to have all text orders done on line.  Hearn asked all Senators to go back to their divisions and ask for faculty input on the proposal.  There will be an on screen walk through of ordering on line October 30th with a final decision by the group November 7th.    People with questions about the process are invited to call Ken Dimare (5783) or Steve Mallett (8949).

VII. State Senate Resolutions: District Senate President Dolores Davison was introduced as being present to hear the De Anza Senate's sentiments on the resolutions presented for discussion.  She will have a vote at the Fall Plenary Session representing the District as a whole.  A print out of selected resolutions was distributed for discussion.

Resolutions regarding academic integrity in courses offered in shortened time frames, the elimination of the word "transfer" from degree titles, minors on campus, and the consideration of assessment scores from other colleges were all favored by the group.  The remaining resolutions presented will be discussed at the meeting of October 23rd.

VIII. Good of the Order: -  Cole announced a special presentation on the situation in Darfur during her Global Studies class October 25th at 1:30.

-     A request was made for information about items in negotiations, especially health care benefits.

-     To resounding applause it was announced that Glapion had just become a father.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:44 p.m.


Student Services Planning and Budget Team - 1 faculty member.  Meets 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 2:00 - 3:00.  Contact Nancy Cole (x8989) for more information.

Finance & College Services Planning and Budget Team - 1 faculty member.  Meets 2nd Wednesdays 1:30 - 3:00.  Contact Pippa Gibson (x8936) for more information.

Campus Center Advisory Committee - 2 faculty members. Meets 3rd Monday 2:30 - 3:30.  Contact Paula Joseph (x8758) for more information.

Educational Technology Advisory Committee - 1 faculty member.  Meets 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, but will meet Nov. 1st for the first time this year.  Time is 12:30-2:00 and for first meeting in Foothill ISC Conf. Room.  Contact Pam Eberhardt for more information.

District Hardware/Software Standards Committee - 1 faculty member.  Meets one Tuesday/ month 3:30 - 4:30.

Environmental Sustainability Subcommittee - Any faculty members wishing to serve.  Meets Wednesdays in KC214.  Contact Laura Raffaelli for more information or to have the notes sent to you.

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