Notes - May 19th, 2008

051The De Anza Academic Senate

Approved Notes for the meeting of

May 19th, 2008

Senators and Officers present: Argyriou, Bambhania, Chenoweth, Coleman, Cordero, Dolen, Glapion, Goodwin, Hanna, Hughes, Kessler, Kragelot, Kramer, Lathers, Lee-Klawender, Maynard, Miller,  Mitchell, Ng-Lee, Schaffer, Setziol, Shively, Walton, and Winters

Senators and Officers absent: Gallegos,  Guevara, LaManque, and White

DASB: Classified Senate: Al Guevara

Administrative Liaison:

Guests: Brian Murphy and Jane Swannson

Curriculum Co Chair: Anu Khanna           SLO Coordinator: Maryalice Bonilla

[NOTE: Item numbers are reflective of agenda numbers in the order they

are actually taken up at the meeting.]

The meeting was called to order at 2:33 a quorum being present.

I.  Approval of Agenda and Notes: The agenda was approved as distributed with an addition to Item III being a visit by Brian Murphy and with a substitution of "Board Policies" for "Professional Relations" as the topic of Item V .  The notes were approved as distributed with minor editing.

IV.  Final Exam Schedule: Chenoweth briefly reviewed a document created by Mitchell distributed at the meeting as a way of reviewing previous discussion.  Jane Swannson was introduced and spoke to the current state of affairs with regard to conflicts in the final exam schedule.  In addition to much reiteration of points made in earlier discussions, some of the new or newly nuanced points were:

-          Given a final exam week that simply extends the normal class meeting schedule four days, perhaps faculty teaching 50 minute classes wishing to have two or more contiguous hours for their exams could be paired up with adjacent hour 50 minute class time instructors to find complementary times.

-          A Master Calendar to facilitate the above is available at   and faculty can also reserve a room for a final exam using that site.

-          We need to also take into consideration those classes for which a two hour final exam is not necessary but which utilize all available class time.

-          An all faculty survey is the best way to proceed.

Chenoweth closed the item by announcing that there would be an all faculty survey.

II.  Needs and Confirmations: Three Search and Selection Committees proposed initially at the May 12th meeting returned,  Manufacturing and Computer Numerical Control (MCNC) faculty position, Disabled Student Services (DSS) faculty position, and a faculty position  for the HOPE program.  Kramer was directed to edit the word "chair" from the membership listing of the committees proposed under "Needs".

Ron Dunn was confirmed for service on the Ilan Glasman Tenure Review Committee.  Two department members had been forwarded for the Senate to choose and Dunn was chosen on the basis that he was not on the Search and Selection Committee whereas the other person was.

Kramer urged the group to solicit tenure review committee members for the remainder of full time faculty to be hired this quarter, especially at large members.

Randy Bryant, Mike Appio, and Mike Engle were confirmed for service on the MCNC Faculty Search and Selection Committee contingent on a female Equal Opportunity Representative being appointed.
Kevin Glapion, Jim Haynes, and Fran Lathers were confirmed for service on the DSS Counselor Search and Selection Committee.
Faculty proposed for membership were not confirmed for service on the HOPE Faculty Search and Selection Committee.

College President Murphy arrived to thank people for their participation in the recently held open forums for Vice President for Instruction candidates but also to announce that none of the three candidates was offered the position.  The position will not be reopened until mid July in order to ensure a full and legitimate process.  He mentioned that retiring Vice President for Student Services Robert Griffin would continue as chair of the committee.  Murphy ended by saying it would be his preference to have the same committee continue on but acknowledged the Senate's prerogative.

V. Institutional Core Competencies : A document titled Institutional Core Competencies: Draft of May 5th was distributed and presented by Chenoweth and Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator Maryalice Bonilla.  The core competencies proposed were Communication and Expression, Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, Personal and Professional Responsibility, Physical and Mental Well Being, and Global, Cultural, and Social Awareness.

A Town Hall type meeting will be held yet this quarter with Chenoweth introducing the proposed list to the college community and department and division presentations will start soon and continue on in to the Fall.

An all faculty vote is to be held in the Fall.  It was pointed out that the revised timetable submitted by the steering committee needs a "plan B" should the all faculty vote result in a defeat for the list.

III. Grade Documentation Retention: The item was postponed

VI.  Professional Relations: The item was postponed

VII. Elections: Candidate statements were announced from Anne Argyriou, Cynthia Lee-Klawender, and Mary Ellen Goodwin for the three positions to be on the ballot May 21st and 22nd.

VIII.  Graduation. Echoing President Murphy's "Don't even think of not coming" remark, Chenoweth told Senators that those faculty who need regalia should contact the bookstore with pertinent information at

IX.  Good of the Order and announcements: -      Kramer was alleged to have placed third at the annual "Duel at De Anza" autocross event hosted by De Anza's Auto Tech program

The meeting was adjourned at 4:31.

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