General Meeting Information

Date: November 4, 2019
Time: 2:30 - 4 p.m.
Location: Toyon Room (2020)

  • Agenda

    Item Speaker Action Objective/Outcome
    Call to Order Pape    
    Roll Call Senate Secretaries    
    Adoption of Agenda   Action  
    Public comment on items not on agenda (senate cannot discuss or take actions) Public None Members of the public may address the senate re: items not on the agenda
    New Business (10+1 are(s) indicated)  

    CVC-OEI ExCEL Initiative

    Jordal Discussion Senate reps will understand the scope of ExCEL and be able to articulate possible faculty impact resulting from this initiative. 

    Plenary Solutions 

    District Senate Officers Discussion Senate reps will share questions/ comments they have re: resolutioins, in preparation for delegate voting at ASCCC Fall Plenary

    Announcements (limited to 3 minutes, Senate cannot take action)

    Genral Public Information  



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Meeting Items

    • Call to Order
    • Roll Call
      • Introduction around the room
    • Adoption of Agenda
      • Approved with add-in item.
    • Public comment on items not on agenda
      • Mary D: Suggest meeting highlights and notes be sent to everyone instead of having division reps resending them. It saves an extra step and is more timely
        • Karen: Will take into consideration
        • Mary P: It is a matter of ownership for the division reps.
      • Joint meetings at Opening Day was very helpful.
      • Stephanie: When classified jobs get cut, remaining staff must do extra work. Many are doing 4 to 5 people’s work. Take time to show appreciation for classified staff. Admissions and Records down by 7 people.
      • Chocolates would be appreciated (food guru)
    • New Business (10+1 area(s) indicated)
      • CVC-OEI ExCEL Initiative
      • Kate Jordahl, Director of Academic Affairs and Consortia, CVC-OEI, explained how CVC exchange works under the California Virtual  Campus-Online Education Initiative project
        • Powerpoint presented:
        • Information about ExCel
        • Course Finder: a student can search for an online class in another school (over 7000 online course sections over 57 consortium colleges).
        • Automated cross-enrollment; can carry over financial aid and payment;
          • Must enroll in the home school to engage.
          • Eventually all will be automated. College must participate.
        • Finish Faster Online/ ExCEL Cross Enrollment: allows students through to enroll for online classes without filling out a separate application.
          • Allow greater access to online classes.
          • Allow students to complete programs faster and on time.
      • Comments and Questions:
        • Project only for online classes.
        • Need indicator for classes that is fully online, or if it required in person exam.
        • How to prevent abuse? (Students overloading on classes.) Max classes allowed is 2 classes.
        • This way student can keep financial aid and can get counseling.
        • Foothill/De Anza students cannot look at classes at the other campus
        • Limitations: good GPA, California residents, no International students; only domestic students; no students with Visa.
      • Cross Enrollment Demonstration: Kate demonstrated how a student can register for a class in another school.
        • Promised grant automatically carryover.
        • Shows home school and other school
        • CVC quality online class, access (help students find a class); first see home school, then the consortium school.
      • What about sequence classes taken outside home colleges? Always check with counselors.
      • Betty: this is especially critical spring quarter when students need the 1 or 2 classes to finish.
      • Ishmael: is there a stronger block to keep students from enrolling. No, still a lot of conversation going on.
      • Kate: how to help and not harm. An ongoing process. Your feedback will help inform the process
      • Mary P: expressed concern; all DeAnza classes are on Course Finder Need proctor for finals that are face to face. (Note: Online except assessment.)
      • Success rate between online and face-to-face are narrowing.
      • Question: does Academic Renewal apply to online classes?
      • Cranium Cafe: Online Counseling.
      • Cross enrollment available to student in winter quarter.
      • Provide tools like online tutoring, counseling, library services, protoring (not yet at De Anza) etc via Canvas.
      • Ground breaking, nowhere else

    David motioned to move on, several seconded. All approved

    • Plenary Resolutions (this week, representatives will be flying out)
      • Determine how state senators take positions on various topics-every fall and spring, delegates from Foothill, De Anza, and District attend the plenary. If all vote the same, there are 3 votes for the same position.
      • The delegates are here to hear from everyone on the resolutions.
      • Any specific resolution to discuss?
      • Bob: 5.01
        • Budget Process, officials to download and send out the link.
        • Pg 28 assure faculty participation.
        • How do we feel about the intent?
        • Mary D: play devil’s advocate.
        • Written from a broad perspective for all campus; look closely at what is missing. Should take into consideration local procedures and circumstance. 
        • Bob offers to assist in the language in proposing revised resolution.
      • 6.0
        • In the past, has been against offering baccalaureate degrees in community colleges; there is a change in the position, remove pilot designation. Community colleges have not offered any degrees offered by the CSU. An example is the degree in dental hygiene at Foothill.
        • Acknowledged efforts of faculty and staff who established the upper
          level classes to meet the requirements for those degrees.
        • Mary: 9.02
          • On consent calendar. Designation of CID (course identification)
          • CID is made up with semester system in mind.
          • Originally to make transfer easier. Courses CID designation; vetting process; must be similar enough to have CID designation.
          • Tough to have course to course parity. Sometimes, it does, sometimes, it does not.
          • CID guarantee transfer units into a CSU.
          • Complicated, confusing, could be driving students away from certain courses without CID designation..
      • 10+1 (not discussed)
        • Curriculum, including establishing prerequisites
        • Degree and certificate requirements
        • Grading policies
        • Educational program development
        • Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success
        • College governance structures, as related to faculty roles
        • Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes
        • Policies for faculty professional development activities
        • Policies for program review
        • Processes for institutional planning and budget development
        • Other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon
      • Announcements (limited to 3 minutes, Senate cannot take action)
        • DASB: Affordable student housing; Flea market; compile resources for students.

    After the Joint Meeting, De Anza Academic Senate Discussion continued at 4:00
    • Curriculum -change from ECMS to new system E Lumin
      • Lydia Hearn has been working on shared governance]
      • Start to migrate over, next fall.
      • Suggest putting off requiring 5-year revisions this academic year; allow certain courses to postpone revisions until the next academic year. With the exception of 705 classes, and classes needed for new certificates and degrees.
      • Earliest meeting to discuss will be Nov 18; vote for approval in the next meeting
    • Karen and Mary P confirmed that there is a quorum at the meeting.
      • (So Kam Lee, Lisa Mesh, Mary Donahue, Daniel Solomon, Susan Thomas, Mary
        Donahue, Betty Inoue, Anita Vazifdar, Terrence Mullens, Julie Wilson, Cynthia
        Kaufman, Bob Stockwell, Paige Wallce-DASB)
    • Susan motioned to have this discussion be the first discussion for the postponement of the 5-year revision, Mary D seconded.
      • Karen call for vote, all agreed
    • Mary D: 11/11 Veterans Day; National Park are free.
    • On Senate notes: Myra started doing the highlights. Division reps can make it more personal, have ownership of what is being sent out. Each rep sends out notes differently.
    • Parking issue,
      • We are not there yet.
      • Academic aparteid.
      • Some part-time faculty still did not get the 3-year permit.
      • Potential new policy starting winter quarter: when a part-time instructor does not have an assignment, may have to turn in parking permit and keys.
    • Campus security policy
      • Must pay security for event.
      • Police department is under-staffed; need additional staff; work 18-19 hours days.
    • Ishmael: De Anza has not taken advantage of IBPI
    • President Search - would like to meet and work together with Classified Senate. Stephanie will talk Heidi about having a joint meeting.
    • Schedule for Equity Training, Check with Laura Savage.

    Officers and Seantors

    Karen Chow, Mary Pape, So Kam Lee, Ishmael Tarikh, Mary Donahue, Betty Inoue, Barb Dahlke, Anita Vazifdar, Kevin Glapion, Terrence Mullens, Lisa Mesh, Julie Wilson, Susan Thomas, Daniel Solomon, Cynthia Kaufman, Bob Stockwell, Stephanie Serna, Paige Wallce

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