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VIDA Intern Projects

We are committed to providing opportunities for students to build their skills and knowledge outside of the classroom, and recommend that students apply the knowledge they've gained from such courses as in the Leadership & Social Change Certificate program.

There is minimum amount of 3 student staff and 5 to 10 project interns hired per year. Like volunteers, paid interns commit and take on leadership roles, but are accountable for major responsibilities in the projects/campaigns they are placed on. The ultimate goal is to build student power and be agents of change.

Participating students will take 10 hours a week of fieldwork, weekly team meetings, training and mentorship. Also students must have completed, or are currently enrolled in our Certificate in Leadership and Social Change.

*application details at bottom*


For student employment it is recommended to have less than 180 units and minimum of a 2.0 GPA while being a full time student (12 unit) for a year of internship. However, this can be waived under special circumstances. If students are not eligible for student employment, other arrangements are possible.

Current offered project internships:

This role is designed to offer training, mentorship, and a stipend for De Anza students who have taken extraordinary leadership in projects that promote community college access and success.

Some of those topics include- renter's rights, higher education affordability, immigration, transportation, environment, health and policy issues.

  • Higher Education for AB 540 Students (HEFAS)
  • Police Accountability Project
  • Renter’s Rights
  • TRANSITion
  • ProACTive Policy
  • Student Office Staff (does VIDA wide events and admin work)

*If you would like to suggest a project focus, do so in the application.

Current offered student staff internships:

This includes working on VIDA wide events as well as program logistics. Some projects include conferneces, LSC graduation, Project Fair, Open House and others.

  • Event and Planning
  • Communication and Website
  • Internship and LSC Certificate

Timeline of Training and Internship:

  • Spring Training: June 15th, 9-5pm
  • Summer Training: September 21st, 9-5pm
  • Internship Commitment: September 2018-June 2019
  • Weekly Intern Meetings: Fridays, at a time that works for all interns

*If you cannot make it to the trainings please mention in app or e-mail


10 hours per week for a total of $3,600 for academic year.

How to Apply:

Submit Application by May 18th at 5pm!

New interns:

Returning Interns:

California Campus Camp

The California Campus Camp is our annual training for students, faculty, and staff to learn and share the essential skills of community organizing, democratic participation and leadership development. The camp is meant to foster strong relationships within and across our California community college campuses, grounded in the specific needs and opportunities of our respective communities. Sessions focus on practical skills in democratic political action such as one-on-one volunteer outreach and leadership development, campaign messaging, power mapping and strategic planning, relationship building, and making good choices to lead healthy, sustainable and fulfilling lives while participating in effective political practices.


  • Reach out to students and staff both at De Anza and at Colleges throughout the state, give presentations in person, via video and phone. 
  • Input data, update databases, web sites, and send emails.
  • Respond to routine inquiries and emails from students, faculty, and staff.
  • Coordinate logistics for outreach activities, meetings, and events.
  • Cooperate with College life’s administration and processes
  • And other duties as assigned.


  • Organizational Skills: Someone who is highly organized, and able to track meticulous details. 
  • Able to take and follow directions, initiate and track work projects, work in collaborative teams, grow into new areas of experience and expertise, and where called for, work with minimal supervision. 
  • It involves using spreadsheet and mail chimp to keep track of potential candidates and where they are in the recruitment process.
  • Written and Verbal Communication Skills: Most of the work is spent communicating. We rely on your verbal communication skills to clearly articulate program benefits to potential participants, and rely on your written communication skills when the outreach process involves writing professional emails.
  • Interpersonal Skills and attitude: It is vital that organizing interns possess the interpersonal skills of compassion, positivity and patience. All three of these skills are used daily in outreach and in-reach at De Anza and on other campuses. Commitment to social justice and community empowerment essential. 
  • Other Teamwork skills: 
      • Reliable:  You want to be a reliable team member so that your coworkers can trust you. Make sure you stick to deadlines, and complete any tasks you are assigned to promote team-building and trust. This will help you gain your colleagues’ trust.
      • Respectful:  People will be more open to communicating with you if you convey respect for them and their ideas. Simple actions like using a person's name, making eye contact, and actively listening when a person speaks will make the person feel appreciated.
      • Conflict Management and commitment to clear communication:Organizing can be joyful and fulfilling and invariably it will include stress and frustration. An important teamwork skill is being able to mediate problems between team members. All members of the team must be committed to clear and positive communication and peaceful and positive resolution of tension and disputes. 
  • Salary: part time with variable hours with most work taking place late fall and early winter terms. Pay rate between $15 and $16 per hour, starting from Sept 24thuntil end of June 2019.

How to Apply:

Submit Application by May 18th at 5pm!

FA-PAC Internship

This Spring the Political Action Committee of the Foothill-De Anza Faculty Association (FA PAC) is hiring between 4 and 6 student interns for the coming year. If you are a student in the Foothill-De Anza District with a passion for justice,  a desire to develop political organizing and advocacy skills, and a commitment to putting these skills to use fighting for community colleges, this is an important opportunity for you!
The Foothill-De Anza Faculty Association (commonly referred to as FA) is a locally governed, independent labor union incorporated in 1977, which represents both full-time and part-time faculty from Foothill College and De Anza College. The FA Political Action Committee (FA PAC) is the political arm of the union. Over the past six years, FA PAC student interns have fought for, and won, increases in the minimum wage, massive increases in funding for community colleges locally and statewide, and strong political representation in our state legislature. Interns have organized student trainings and advocacy trips involving hundreds of FHDA students, have participated in legislative lobbying and other grassroots political advocacy work,  and have developed unique and powerful social media tools that are being used all over the state to fight for community college students.

How to Apply:

Submit Application by May 18th at 5pm!
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