General Meeting Information

Date: October 4, 2021
Time: 2:30 - 4:20 p.m.
Location: Zoom

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:30-2:35 Approval of Agenda and Minutes from Sept. 27, 2021 D/A Balm, Lee

    Public Comment on Items Not On Agenda

    (Senate cannot discuss or take action)

    I All

    Needs and Confirmations

    Summary of Requests

    I/D/A Pape

    Removal of E4E grant

    I/D/A Balm

    Goals and Priorities - Take 2

    I/D Balm
    3:15-3:30 Introductions and Virtual Posters (Part 2) I/D All
    3:30-3:45 Tales of face-to-face instruction this quarter I/D Tracey, Nguyen, Mailhot
    3:45-3:55 One Book, One College


    Kaufman, Cortez
    3:55-4:15 Report-outs: A proposed new interactive system for written and verbal reports and conversations from around the college


    Balm, All

    Good of the Order



    To request to add an item to the agenda of a future Academic Senate meeting, email by noon on the Wednesday before.

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Approval of Agenda and Minutes from Sept. 27, 2021

    • Melinda moved, Bob seconded to approve the agenda, no objection.
    • Bob moved to approve 9/2/21 minutes, Erik seconded, no objection. 
    • Agenda and minutes approved by unanimous consent.

    Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action)

    Mary D: The slot for students to leave mail for faculty at the mailroom has been covered with a piece of plywood. Students can no longer leave mail. With the return to campus, perhaps they can remove the plywood. 

    Mary D: Students exempted from vaccination are required to have  negative Covid test results within 3 days before coming to campus. How will faculty be notified if any student does not have a negative test result?

    Mae Lee, Comparative Ethnic Studies/Asian American Studies, shared her recent experience with the video service Kanopy. The service has changed to a fee based pay per view model and required a formal request to the library.  She discovered that popular, high demand videos were easily and freely available to faculty and students, while videos with smaller demands were fee based with limited access for students and faculty. For smaller classes with smaller demands, like her Asian American Studies courses, there will be a limitation on how many videos she can use. Her request may also take away resources from other faculty and classes, resulting in a competition for resources. Another impact would be the amount of time and energy required for faculty to find external sources for these films. The Community College Library Consortium has been trying to deal with this new model. She would like to raise awareness of this situation. Some of her requests may not be approved. That would negatively impact her classes and be a disadvantage to her students.

    Wendy White’s summer experience echoed and went behind what Mae just shared. She started choosing films and documentaries for her classes in July. By mid August, the films were gone. Many of the films that disappeared were considered “progressive” or “controversial.” She has planned an entire course around a documentary series from Films on Demand. The film series was also gone. It was shocking and appalling on so many levels. She felt that there was a form of censorship. Tom at the library explained that it was a financial and staffing situation. Still it is a matter of concern.

    Lee, Faculty Director, Office of Equity, Social Justice, and Multicultural Education: I.D.E.A. Define and Apply Virtual Workshops. Fall 2021. These workshops will focus on developing collective definitions around I.D.E.A. topics on identity, inclusion, diversity, equity, quality, access, and acceptance. In these workshops they will work and share strategies and tools to elevate these concepts in classrooms and learning spaces. Registration Link:

    Video of the workshop will be posted.

    Needs and Confirmations

    Summary of Requests

    I. Megan Brophy replacing Carol Cini. Amy Wang is entering Phase II Fall 2021.
    Amy Wang - Phase II Counselor/Coordinator, IMPACT AAPI
    Alicia Cortez Dean, Equity & Engagement
    Jorge Morales Counselor, SSRS - FYE Academic Services
    Khoa Nguyen Counselor, MPS
    Megan Brophy Instructor Chemistry (PSME), At-large

    II. Tenure Review Committee for Robert G. Unzueta
    Robert G. Unzueta, Chicanx/Latinx Studies, Instructor, IIS 
    Edmundo Norte, Dean, Intercultural and International Studies Division (IIS)
    Hua-Fu Liu, Instructor, Mandarin Language and Culture, IIS
    Cynthia Kaufman, Teaches courses cross listed with IIS courses
    Jayanti Roy, Child Development Instructor, At-large

    Fellisa motioned to approve the two tenure committees, Lisa seconded, no objection, confirmed by unanimous consent.

    III. Point of Information:
    Rosanna Alvarez will come on board in the full-time Comparative Ethnic Studies instructor position starting this coming Winter quarter. Thus, her Tenure Review Phase I will commence with Fall 2022.

    IV. There is a need for three faculty members to serve on Campus Facilities Committee 
    Bill Wishart, Applied Technologies, Auto Tech, Full-time Tenured

    Shagun motioned to approve Bill Wishart for one of the three positions, Melinda seconded. No objections. Confirmed

    Mary noted that there are still seats on that committee

    V. There is a need for two faculty members to serve on Campus Center Advisory Board

    VI. Need for IPBT Instructional Faculty member to serve on IPBT

    Cheryl asked for a volunteer to attend the Campus Center Advisory Board meeting and report back next week.

    emoval of E4E grant

    Erik moved, Shagun seconded to table item. No objection.

    Tales of face-to-face instruction this quarter

    Iva Tracey, ESL,. Her hybrid class met on campus once a week and zoom for the other day. It has been a positive experience.  Students are excited to be back on campus to socialize and appreciate the human connection in the classroom. They respected and followed the guidance, like wearing a face mask, scanning classroom key code, and getting their green badge.  They have gone outside to sit by the fountain for group work. That was very pleasant and provided proper social distancing. The college has provided face masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes in the classrooms.  She suggested more student support services; places on campus for students to go on zoom classes and quiet places to study. The library is not open. Cafeteria is open but not conducive to learning. Help students to balance on campus and zoom classes to avoid rushing between campus and home for classes.

    Lydia shared in chat places where students may zoom or study: Guided Pathways is working on this.  Students can Zoom in the patio area by Campus Center as well as in the main dining area.

    Jim Mailhot, Math: great to be back on campus; two thirds of the students took class because it is in person. Some were surprised and dropped because the class was in person. Students seemed happy to be back. There were more conversations between students and less time on the phone. He echoed Iva’s suggestion for more support services on campus. Some students had registration problems with only remote A&R services. Parking has been outstanding. He described himself as a more effective teacher in person.

    Clare Nguyen had 2 out of her 4 classes on campus. She really enjoyed being back on campus. After she sent out her first email, a few students dropped the class because of home situations, like elderly and young family members. A majority of students did stay. They learned and studied better at school than at home. Students were very conscientious and responsible about following all of the social distancing rules. She was not clear about the instructor's role in checking student’s green badges; and what to do about students with yellow or red badges.

    Rick has been teaching on campus since last September. They were supposed to check student credentials every day. When a student gets a red or yellow tag, the instructor will get an email.

    Lydia: Students were dropped for non compliance with the vaccination policy as well as failing to take the Covid test. 97% of the students on campus were in compliance with the vaccination requirement. The number that received the exemption is very small, less than 1%.

    One Book, One College, One Community
    One Book website

    Alicia: "One Book, One College, One Community" is a joint project of the Equity and Engagement Division and the Office of the President at De Anza College. A committee made up of faculty and staff from various areas have decided on a theme and book for this initiative. The theme is “Racial Justice and the Crisis in Democracy” – and the featured book is Alicia Garza's “The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart.” Oakland-born Alicia Garza is a longtime organizer and co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter Global Network. She will come and speak in an online De Anza event later this fall 

    Students, faculty members, and classified professionals are invited to participate by reading the featured book and joining a collegewide conversation. The committee came together in the summer and created resources for faculty and staff who may be interested in incorporating the book either in their programs or in their classrooms. People have different options. They may use the whole book or particular chapters. Some may use it this fall, others will in the winter. Eugene Rodriguez will be doing an art project in the winter. The villages in Guided Pathways will develop student projects with themes centered around the book. Stephanie Anderson, faculty from the communications department has created canvas resources.

    They have purchased some books to give to students and cohort programs using the book. She will put aside some books for anyone in the Academic Senate interested in leading a book club. Tony Santana will be hosting a book club particularly for the classified professional.

    Cynthia has been using the book in her class. It has been going very well. The book is very well written and accessible to students. The webpage has information about the student book club co-sponsored by VIDA and DASG. Any student can sign up, get a free book, and be assigned to a group to read and discuss the book with others. That will be fun and will engage students in a community. There will be a major arts and creativity oriented event on the theme in the winter


    A proposed new interactive system for written and verbal reports and conversations from around the college.

    Cheryl proposed a new way for making reports. She has credited a document for people to fill in their reports prior to the meeting. Anyone wishing to do a verbal report in a meeting should highlight their report with a bright color.

    10/4/2021 report.
    pdf of report out.

    Good of the Order

    Next month Nursing is partnering with the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Center in honor of Filipino Heritage Month.  The presentation is a documentary entitled "Nurse Unseen."
    This event is posted on the Nursing Home page and a flyer will also be emailed to pre-Nursing students who have attended Information Meetings.  

    DeAnza's Health Careers Committee will present "Careers in Public Health."  
    October 21,2021 5:00-6:30pm 
    Guest panelists include: 
    Jacqueline McCright Taylor – COVID-19 Medical Operations Chief -DCI experience - & Coordination of Prevention Services in SF- High Blood Pressure, STD/HIV Prevention and COVID-19 Management for SF.
    Maceo Persson – Deputy Director of COVID-19 Community Branch – Equity & COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Community Services in SF 
    Mica Zaragoza-Soto – Research Associate, Disease Prevention & Control – Equity and Reproductive Justice Summit 

    Adele: Update on affordable housing

    Erik expressed appreciation for Cheryl’s efforts. He acknowledged that some things may work, some won’t. 

    Erik motioned, Mary P seconded, to adjourn, no objection.





    Cheryl Balm


    Mary Pape

    Executive Secretary

    So Kam Lee

    Part-time Faculty Representatives

    Ishmael Tarikh

    Mary Donahue

    Academic Services & 
    Learning Resources

    Cecilia Hui

    Bio/Health/Environmental Sciences 

    Robert Kalpin

    Anna Miller

    Business/Computer Science/
    Applied Technologies

    Rick Maynard


    Career Technical Education & Workforce Development



    Counseling - General

    Robert Alexander

    Lisa Castro

     Counseling - Embedded

    Felisa Vilaubi

    Helen Pang

    Creative Arts  



    Disability Support Programs & Services and Adapted PE 

    Kevin Glapion

    Anita Vazifdar

    Equity and Engagement

    Liliana Rivera

    Intercultural/International Studies



    Language Arts 

    Shagun Kaur

    Lauren Gordon

    Physical Education 

    Louise Ortiz

    Mark Landefeld (F)

    Physical Sciences, Math, & Engineering

    Lisa Mesh


    Social Sciences & Humanities

    Emily Beggs

    Nellie Vargas

    Student Development & EOPS

    Melinda Hughes

    Curriculum Committee

    Erik Woodbury

    Professional Development*

    Dawn Lee Tu

    Administrator Liaison*

    Lydia Hearn

    DASG Representatives*

    Dimitri Yanovskyi

    Adel Burieva

    Faculty Association Representative*

    Mary Donahue

    Affinity Group Representatives*

    Glynn Wallis, BFSA

    *non-voting member





    Lloyd Holmes

    De Anza President

    Rob Miesa

    VP of Student Services

    Christina Espinosa-Pieb

    VP of Instruction

    Pam Grey

    VP of Administrative Services

    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker

    Director of College Life & Student Judicial Affairs


    Marisa Spatafore

    Associate VP of Communications & External Relations


    Classified Senate

    Michelle Fernandez

    De Anza Student Trustee

    Mallory Newell

    Institutional Research

    Moaty Fayek

    Dean of Business/Computer Info Systems

    Renee Augenstein

    Articulation Officer

    Brian Malone

    Tenure Review Coordinator

    Daniel Smith

    Dean of Creative Arts

    Eric Mendoza

    Dean of Physical Education and Athletics

    Thomas Ray

    Dean of Language Arts

    Alicia Cortez

    Dean of Equity and Engagement

    Randy Bryant

    Dean of Career & Technical Education (CTE)

    Kathryn Maurer

    Foothill Academic Senate President

    Karen Chow

    FHDA District Academic Senate President

    Laureen Balducci

    Dean of Counseling, DSPS & Title IX Coordinator

    Anita Kandula

    Dean of Biological, Health, and Environmental Sciences

    Michele LeBleu-Burns

    Dean of Student Development/EOPS

    Lisa Mandy

    Director of Financial Aid

    Nazy Gayloyan

    Dean of Enrollment Services

    Edmundo Norte

    Dean of Intercultural/International Studies

    Jerry Rosenberg

    Dean of Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering

    Judy Miner

    FHDA Chancellor

    Elvin Ramos

    Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities

    Patrick Gannon

    Director, Book Store

    David Ulate

    FHDA Research & Planning

    Mae Lee

    Curriculum Committee Vice-Chair

    Tabia Lee

    Faculty Director of Equity, Social Justice & Multicultural Education

    Tim Harper


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