Note: Due to staffing changes, Adjunct Study Skills courses are not currently available.

Skills 232/233 is a 1/2 unit Pass/No Pass course linked to specific general education classes at De Anza College. By enrolling in this class, you make the decision to improve your study skills and do better in your content courses.

During the first week of the quarter, Student Success Center staff, faculty, and tutors present this opportunity to students in classes on campus.  The second week of the quarter is called Preview Week where students can attend a group session and meet the Supplemental Instructor (S.I.) to ask questions and learn more.  In the third through eleventh weeks of the quarter, students meet with their S.I. and group each week to review course materials, prepare for exams, or complete assignments.

Good luck... don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

Your DASB fees at work! DASB funds help support peer tutoring in the SSC. 

Course Requirements:

Skills 232 & 233 are 1/2 unit, pass/no pass lab classes (18 hours/quarter)

  • Complete online Orientation and pass quiz by the deadline (10 pts) +
  • Attend study groups (10 pts each) +
  • Complete and pass 4 labs by the deadline (25 pts each) = 180 pts max

You Pass Skills 232/233!


Skills 232 & 233 is an online class with required on-campus sessions. Access to the Internet is required, since all assignments, including orientation quiz, labs, and discussion forums, are submitted in Canvas. You must login to Canvas immediately after enrolling so you will receive important announcements and reminders.

To access Canvas, login to MyPortal then go to the Students tab.

Why Join?

  • Learn effective study strategies, such as Note-taking and Textbook Reading
  • Work with a Supplemental Instructor (Tutor) chosen by the Instructor
  • Review course material in a weekly group session (Weeks 3-11)
  • Meet students from the class and work together to learn material with the Tutor
  • Improve your grade and gain more knowledge of the subject
  • Develop an awareness of college skills and learn how to study smarter, not harder!

To Get Started:


When?  Where?


Classroom Presentation

Week 1

Content Course Classroom

Learn program requirements and benefits to enrolling in a 1/2 unit class to improve study skills and academic performance.

Preview Week Week 2 Group Room

Attend a group session to learn more about the Adjunct Study Skills course and decide if it's right for you.

Registration & Groups Start   Week 3 Group Study Sessions

Show up on time to your preferred group session to get a seat.  Receive an add code and register in Skills 232/233. Space is limited to first 10 students.

Group Study Sessions


3 - 11

Group Study Sessions Meet with a Supplemental Instructor (S.I.) and other students once a week to learn and review content course materials.
Orientation by deadline  Orientation

Complete requirements online through Canvas. Learn requirements to pass the Skills course.

Skills Labs

by deadline


Improve study skills and develop learning strategies by completing four skills labs for credit.  
Final Survey Weeks 10 - 11 


Give us your feedback at the end of the quarter.

Supplemental Instructor Resources (doc and handouts)

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