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We offer peer tutoring and workshops to help you succeed in your math, science and engineering courses. Scroll down to learn more about our programs and services.

Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month

Ubiratan D'Ambrosio Similing in Portrait Photo

Ubiratan D'Ambrosio (1932–2021) Ubiratan “Ubi” D’Ambrosio is considered by many to be “the intellectual father of ethnomathematics”. He defined and popularized the term as “the art or technique of explaining, knowing, and understanding diverse cultural contexts” (D’Ambrosio, 1990). He formed the International Study Group on Ethnomathematics (ISGEm) and has been instrumental in helping to make sure that the socio-cultural context of mathematics and its teaching and learning are considered in conferences, publications and the day to day work of thousands of mathematics education around the world.

Services Update

While we're operating under restrictins related to COVID-19 for the 2021 fall quarter, the Student Success Center is offering peer tutoring and workshops via Zoom and other online tools.

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We've made it even easier to access our peer tutoring services and workshops on Zoom. Just click the yellow button to "Join Tutoring or Workshops" – there's no need to register in advance. Follow the prompts on your screen to sign in and select from a list of available services.

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Week 1 Office Hours

Tutoring begins Week 2 of the quarter. Any questions about tutoring or using our services? Click here to drop-in for Week 1 Office Hours: Mon (9/20) - Thu (9/23) 10am-5pm and Fri (9/24) 10am-12:30pm.

Fall Quarter 2021 Schedule

Tutoring at the MSTRC is available September 27 - December 8. We will be closed for the holidays on November 11, 25, and 26.

9am - 6pm
9am - 12:30pm

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You can improve your own skills in communication and your favorite academic subjects by helping other students learn. We provide training – and it's fun! 


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