Weekly Individual Tutoring

One-on-one sessions typically are all quarter long during the regular fall, winter and spring quarters and are not offered during summer.

Personalized tutoring sessions are lead by trained peer tutors. 

Team up with your designated tutor for one hour per week for the following courses:

    Math 41 or 31 or 31A, 42 or 31B or 32, 43, 1A, 12, 10, 217, 17

    Physics 50, 2A, 2B, 2C

    Chem 10, 25 

and up to two hours per week for the following courses:

    Math 210 or 201, 212 or 202, 114 or 109 or 130 or 203 or 231/231A/231B or 232

Develop effective learning and studying techniques. Visit the Math & Science Skills webpage.

NOTE: Individual tutoring requires that the student commit to attending their scheduled weekly tutoring session once per week with an assigned tutor. If the student can't make this commitment of regular weekly attendance for their individual tutoring session, please use drop-in tutoring instead.

Weekly Individual Tutoring Application

If you are interested in receiving Weekly Individual Tutoring for one of the above courses, please fill out the Weekly Individual Tutoring application.

NOTE: Weekly Individual Tutoring typically starts during Week 3 of each quarter depending on when you submit the application. If you have any questions about tutoring, feel free to reach out to our MSTRC Staff:

For questions about Stats, Precalculus & Calculus subjects: mitchlerderek@fhda.edu
For questions about Algebra, Physics & Chemistry subjects: ruedaguerreroalejandra@fhda.edu

Interested in courses not listed?  

We can still help! Many advanced courses or courses with fewer section offerings are better options for group tutoring.  

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