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Services Update

The Student Success Center is arranging to offer peer tutoring and workshops via Zoom and other online tools, as the college is moving to alternative formats to reduce the risk of coronavirus. 

We offer tutoring in writing and reading to all De Anza College students for any class on campus--EWRT, READ, ESL, LART or any course with a writing assignment! Tutoring takes place in drop-in sessions or through scheduled, weekly individual appointments. 

Hours and Location

Winter 2020: Open January 13 to March 13

Tutoring is currently not available on campus. Please read the SSC Service Update re COVID-19.

  • Monday-Thursday:  Closed
  • Friday:  Closed
  • Saturday and Sunday:  Closed

Advanced Technology Center (ATC), Room 309

A tutor helps a student through the writing process.


Drop-in Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is available during all hours of operation, every quarter. The time limit for drop-in tutoring is 30 minutes per session, 2 sessions per day. No application or appointment is needed for drop-in tutoring. Just sign in using your CWID for first-come, first-served tutoring.

Weekly Individual Tutoring (WIT)

Weekly Individual Tutoring appointments are available in fall, winter, and spring quarter. You and your tutor will meet in the WRC once or twice a week, one hour for each writing/reading course. During this time, you can work on areas and topics that you need help with and learn strategies to help you study the subject better on your own. Depending on tutor availability and budget constraints, we may not be able to provide a Weekly Individual Tutor for each student who requests one, but we will do our best. It helps to apply early in the first week of the quarter. 

Sorry We are noT accepting requests for WEEKLY TUTORING at this time

Weekly Individual Tutoring is primarily* available to students enrolled in these courses:

  • EWRT 211, READ 211,  LART 211, LART 250, EWRT 1A
  • ESL 200, ESL 234, ESL 244, ESL 252/3, ESL 262/3, ESL 272/3/4, ESL 5
  • GUID 207

*Remember: Priority for Weekly Individual Tutoring is given to students enrolled in English/reading/writing courses below EWRT 2 or ESL6 and students using EDC/DSS services.

Customized Support Activities (CSA)

This program is designed to support each student taking "bundled" or "stretch" EWRT 1A with flexible, personalized options. Students login to the CSA Canvas site to access and track activities.


Students get help for a class requirement with a tutor.

And more!

Other resources include Directed Learning Activity packets and Academic Skills Workshops.


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Victoria Kahler
Instructional Support Technician


Student Success Center Co-Directors

Melissa Aguilar
Program Supervisor


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