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SSC Peer Tutoring on Zoom 

To access SSC Zoom and other online tutoring options join the SSC Resources Canvas site.

  • Click on "Modules" then the appropriate content area to find a library of videos and resources to help you succeed.
  • You can also "Click to Join" from our SSC homepage to access live virtual tutors.

Join the SSC Resources Canvas Site

Additional Tutoring via NetTutor

Please use SSC peer tutoring on Zoom as your first choice, as NetTutor services are intended to supplement your learning and work with SSC services.

You begin each quarter with eligibility for eight hours of NetTutor servces:

  • Exhausting your NetTutor hours due to misuse or abuse may result in limited or loss of access to services for the quarter. 
  • This includes repeated submissions of the same essay (not waiting for responses or submitting for every area of interest), exclusively using question submissions, or other patterns deemed to circumvent deep learning.

If you run out of NetTutor hours, please email Melissa Aguilar at to request more.

Tips for Faculty Members

Visit the Faculty Resources page for useful information and tips.

Female working on a computer wearing a headset.

With NetTutor, You can

  • Interact with a live tutor
  • Submit a question and receive a reply from a tutor
  • Submit an essay or paper for a tutor to review and receive feedback

Visit the Tips for Students webpage to learn how you can provide verification that you used NetTutor. You might need to do this to get extra credit.

How to Access NetTutor

Step 1:
Step 2:
  • Select the Dashboard menu:

Canvas Dashboard Menu with Course Button

Step 3:
  • Select the SSC Resources course or another course:

Canvas Calculus Course Button

Step 4:
  • Select the NetTutor application from the left-hand navigation menu:

NetTutor Course Menu Button

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