Math Sequence for Transfer Students Requiring only Statistics

Majors requiring only one transferable math class typically require statistics (Math 10) and are from the arts, humanities, languages and social sciences, or non-business and non-STEM majors. There are two paths to completing statistics, one is traditional and the other is Statway. Check to verify your major and IGETC requirements for transfer. If you have any advanced placement (AP) scores of 3 or higher in Statistics or Calculus you may not need to enroll in additional math courses or be placed at a higher level--to verify, visit the PSME Division.

Traditional Path to Completing Statistics

The statistics course Math 10 is transferable to most in-state, out-of-state and private institutions.

Math 210 Pre-algebra – required or placed higher

Math 212 Elementary Algebra – required or placed higher

Math 114 Intermediate Algebra – required or placed higher

Math 10 Statistics – required or passed the AP Statistics Exam with a score of 3 or better, see CSU AP link and UC AP link.

Statway Path to Completing Statistics

This statistics path is designed for students that struggle with algebra and are transferring to a California State University or University of California since is fulfills the IGETC math/statistics requirement. If you intent on applying to institutions outside the CSU or UC system, you need to contact that institution directly to inquire whether Statway is an acceptable transfer course.

Math 210 Pre-algebra – required or placed higher

Math 217 Integrated Statistics I – required

Math 17 Integrated Statistics II – required

Information about STATWAY

Visit the STATWAY webpage to learn more about the program.

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