Nutrition 10 

Course Syllabus

Spring 17 Syllabus


Extra Credit Options

Essential Nutrient Activity Key

Food Label Activity Hand-out

Review Sheet Exam 1

Market Assignment

Exam 1

Protein Calorie Estimate Hand-out

S17 Diet Assignment Hand-out

Review Sheet Exam 2

Exam 2

Review Sheet Exam 3

Do Something Assignment

Lecture Notes 

1 Welcome to Nutrition 10

2 Essential Nutritents

3 Labelling 

4 Labelling Continued

5 Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract

6 Supermarket Savvy

7 Carbohydrates

8 Managing Blood Sugar Level

9 BMR, Diet Assignment and Protein Calorie Estimate Overview

10 Protein

11 Vitamins and Minerals

12 Heart Smart Nutrition

13 Weight Management

14 Vegetarian Diets

15 Nutrition and the Environment

16 Sportsnutrition

17 Domestic Hunger

Other Resources

  • For information about becoming a Registered Dietitian (RD) go to
  • To find an RD  for a nutrition consultation go to or
  • For information about healthy menu planning see and
  • The major class project in Nutrition 10 is a diet evaluation assignment. For this assignment you will need to log your food intake for three days using My Fitness Pal (usable on a desktop computer and/or with the smart phone app). You may want to set up your free account early in the term and familiarize yourself with how it works. Stay tuned for more details given in class about this assignment.
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