Recognizing Excellence at De Anza

Each year, De Anza College nominates a few of its best for recognition by the League for Innovation in the Community College, through the League's annual Excellence Awards program. These awards celebrate outstanding contributions in teaching, leadership and service.

Previous Award Recipients


  • Diana Argabrite, museum programs coordinator, Euphrat Museum of Art
  • Brandon Gainer, instructor, Communication Studies
  • Nazy Galoyan, dean, Enrollment Services
  • Patty Guitron, counselor, General Counseling



  • Claudia Guzman, program coordinator, Office of Professional Development
  • Dave Capitolo, chair, Automotive Technology
  • Moaty Fayek, dean, Business, Computer Science and Applied Technologies



  • Kim Palmore, Instructor, English
  • Rosafel Nogra, Clinic Director, Student Health Services
  • Jennifer Mahato, Director, College Operations
  • Brandon Bailey, Writer/Editor, Office of Communications


  • Melinda Hughes, Faculty Assistant Director, EOPS
  • Anita Muthyala-Kandula, Dean, Biological, Health and Environmental Sciences
  • Kim Te, Scheduling Coordinator, Academic Services
  • Casie Wheat, Acting Senior Supervisor, Enrollment Services


  • Yvette Campbell, Director, STEM Success
  • Mehrdad Khosravi, Chair, Mathematics
  • Heidi King, Instructional Designer, Online Education
  • Tina Lockwood, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Coordinator, College Operations
  • Mary Pape, Chair, Computer Information Systems


  • Lydia Hearn, Instructor, English
  • George Robles, Supervisor, EOPS
  • Office of Communications


  • Anu Khanna, Instructor, Intercultural Studies
  • Lisa Mandy, Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Mallory Newell, Supervisor, Institutional Research and Planning


  • Ram Subramaniam, Chair, Chemistry
  • Manny DaSilva, Manager, Operations
  • Office of Outreach and Relations With Schools 


  • Mike Appio, Chair, Design and Manufacturing Technologies
  • Donna Jones-Dulin, Associate Vice President, College Operations
  • Truly Hunter, Assistant Director, EOPS
  • Barry Johnson, Supervisor, Admissions and Records


  • Randy Bryant, Instructor, Automotive Technology
  • Jackie Reza, Faculty Director, Office of Professional and Organizational Development
  • Bob Stockwell, Instructor, Political Science


  • Sal Breiter, Instructor, Humanities
  • Jesus Quintero, Instructor, English
  • Janet Takahashi, Learning Disability Specialist, Disability Support Programs and Services


  • Alicia Cortez and Paula Silva, for work with Puente
  • Jim Haynes, Anu Khanna, Coleen Lee-Wheat, Mary Pape and Toño Ramirez for work with learning outcomes
  • Kent McGee for DegreeWorks
  • Kevin Metcalf for a captioning project

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