Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

Steps to Obtain Alternate Media

Students should also review the Alternate Media Services Guidelines which details the requirements students must meet to receive this accommodation service.

At anytime, return to the Alternate Media Services Description page which details the services and types of alternate media that is available at De Anza.

Step 1 - Authorization:

Meet with your DSS Counselor or LD Specialist within a week after you register for a course to:

  • Determine and sign-off on your initial Alternate Media Accommodation Authorization:
  • NOTE: Timeliness is important because adequate time is necessary to:
  • Research sources,
  • Obtain alternate media from:Off-campus sources, or
  • On-campus production
  • Renew the Alternate Media Authorization each quarter within a week after you register for a course.

Step 2 - Alternate Media Orientation and Selection:

Attend an Alternate Media Orientation at the Computer Accessibility Lab (CAL):

Location: Advanced Technology Center, Main level, Room 203 (AT 203) (Campus Map)

Meet with the CAL faculty and the Alternate Media specialist to:

  • Familiarize you with assistive technology and alternate formats
  • Consult on the most appropriate assistive technology and alternate formats, and
  • Request and sign-off on the most appropriate Alternate Media for you

Information and Timeliness:

For Textbooks

  • The Alternate Media Specialist will determine whether:
  • The electronic format is available to order from an off-campus source.
  • You will need to provide a print copy to be scanned.
  • Requests may require proof of purchase.
  • Provide book information on the Alternate Media Request Form:
    • Title
    • Author
    • Edition number
    • ISBN number
  • Obtain this information from:
    • The Bookstore.  Explain that you need the information for an alternate media order.
    • The Bookstore website.
    • Course instructor or department/Division office.
    • For assistance, contact your DSS Counselor or LD Specialist.

For Class Handouts or Supplemental Materials:

  • First, ask instructor to provide material directly:
    • By emailing the Alternate Media Specialist (
    • As an electronic file on a USB flash drive.
    • By printing it in large print, if applicable to you.
  • If not available from instructor, submit print materials to the Alternate Media Specialist.
    • Provide entire quarter's materials together, if possible.
    • Provide as early in the quarter as possible (within the first week of the quarter).

For Exams in Alternate Media

  • See your DSS Counselor or LD Specialist to authorize a Test Accommodation.
  • Follow the Steps to Arrange for Test Accommodations.
  • The Test Proctor will arrange for your alternate test materials AFTER you have made your testing appointments.
  • Coordinate testing appointments for the entire quarter, if possible.

Step 3 - Problem Resolution

Resolve any problems in a timely manner.

A timely Alternate Media Request is required:

  • To your receiving your alternate media as soon as possible.
  • Adequate time is necessary for alternate media specialist to
    • Research sources,
    • Obtain alternate media from:
      • Off-campus sources or
      • On-campus production.

If you cannot complete your Alternate Media Request:

  • Contact your DSS counselor or LD Specialist as soon as possible to problem-solve:
    • If book information is unavailable.
    • If you have difficulty obtaining class handouts.
    • If you encounter other obstacles.

Step 4 - Materials Pick-up

Pick-up Alternate Media materials in the DSS Office:

DSS Location:

Disability Support Services, Registration & Student Services Building (RSS 141) (Campus Map)

 Step 5 - Got Questions Not Answered above?


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