Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

Student Rights and Responsibilites

Student Rights And Responsibilities

The Foothill-De Anza Community College District has adopted a set of policies defining Student Rights and Responsibilities for the general student body (Board Policy 5500, Student Rights and Responsibilities).  In addition, applicable federal laws (the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Sections 504 and 508), and state law (Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sections 56000-56076) also help define the roles that both the student and the college have in assuring equal access and using Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS).  These are summarized as follows.

DSPS Student Rights:

  1. Participation by students with disabilities in Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) shall be entirely voluntary.
  2. Students with disabilities receiving DSPS authorized accommodations shall not be precluded from using or participating in any other courses, programs, services, jobs, facilities, or activities offered by De Anza College.
  3. All records maintained by DSPS personnel pertaining to students with disabilities shall be protected from disclosure and shall be subject to all other requirements for handling student records as outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sections 56023 and 56025.
  4. Students with disabilities may obtain information in alternate/accessible formats.
  5. Students with disabilities are entitled to the timely provision of authorized academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services.
  6. Students with disabilities have the right to freedom from harassment and discrimination
  7. Students with disabilities maintain the option to file a complaint by using the college and district guidelines.

DSPS Student Responsibilities:

  1. Comply with the "De Anza College Student Code of Conduct" and all other applicable statutes and regulations related to student conduct as outlined in the current schedule of classes and college catalog.   
  2. Be responsible in their use of DSPS services and adhere to written service provision policies adopted by DSPS.
  3. When enrolled in Educational Assistance Classes, make measurable progress toward the goals developed for the course as established in the student's Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP).
  4. When enrolled in general college classes, meet essential technical, academic, and institutional standards established by the college, as applied to all students (with or without accommodations).
  5. Follow established policies, guidelines, and procedures of the DSPS programs for obtaining academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services.
  6. Submit requests for academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services  in a timely and complete manner.
  7. Maintain current documentation and inform their DSS Counselor or LD Specialist of changes that may affect their accommodation requests.
  8. Provide documentation that verifies an “impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities and which imposes an educational limitation” (Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sec. 56002).
  9. Maintain an interactive communication process with their DSS Counselor or LD Specialist to maintain a current Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP).
  10. Follow established procedures to report concerns and complaints (See DISH - Concerns and Complaints).


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