Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

Learning Disability Assessment

What kind of testing is needed for eligibility?

A comprehensive standardized evaluation by a trained professional is necessary to qualify a student for accommodations and Learning Disabilities Support.  An evaluation:

  • assesses the specific learning differences involved
  • determines whether the learning problems result from a learning disability or from other possible causes

Students who have already completed a learning disability assessment within the last three years in high school, at a college, or by a private professional may be eligible for services. 

Students should provide a copy of their testing at an Information Meeting or to the Learning Disabilities Support receptionist.  If the Learning Disabilities Specialist makes the determination of eligibility from these results, the student will not need any further LD testing at De Anza College. 

The Learning Disabilities Support Team can provide an assessment for enrolled De Anza College students who have never been identified or diagnosed in order to establish their eligibility for Learning Disabilities Support and appropriate accommodations for college.

What is the process to be tested for a learning disability?

Learning disability assessment can help assure that a student has the best chance to utilize learning strengths and to receive the necessary assistance in areas of weakness. Learning disability assessment is scheduled on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Attend an Information Meeting - contact the DSS Office at (408) 864-8753 to make an appointment.
  2. At the Informational Meeting, students interested in having an assessment will fill out a request.
  3. Student then is contacted to schedule an intake appointment with a Learning Disability Specialist.
  4. The appointment will be made as soon as possible, based on appointment availability, and confirmation of the student's current enrollment at De Anza College.
  5. At the intake appointment, the LD Specialist will discuss the student's individual situation and may recommend an assessment. If so, in order to receive an LD evaluation, a series of assessment appointments will be scheduled.
  6. After the intake appointment, six individual appointments are generally required to complete testing. (During a pandemic, testing procedures will be adjusted accordingly. )
  7. When finished, the student and their Learning Disabilities Specialist will meet to discuss the assessment findings and what they mean. Each student receives a written summary.
  8. The Learning Disabilities Specialist will make recommendations based on the student's particular learning needs.  These may include accommodations and program services for students whose testing makes them eligible for Learning Disabilities Support and/or referral to other college services for help, as appropriate.

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