Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

Disability Management

Counseling in DSS aims to empower students to develop and use effective disability management and problem solving skills to achieve educational and vocational goals.

DSS students may use the college counseling and advising services through Counseling and Advising Center to supplement disability management counseling in DSS if they choose. DSS Counselors or LD Specialists may refer students, when appropriate, to other campus programs when specialized counseling and advising services are called for, such as for specific information available through Transfer Center, Career Services, etc.

Students with Learning Disabilities receive disability management counseling and learning strategy coaching from their LD Specialist and may receive additional counseling services from a specially-designated liaison counselor assigned from the college's Counseling and Advising Center.

Keys to the effective use of disability management counseling.

Students meet with a DSS Counselor or LD Specialist when they first enter the program to

  • Set appropriate educational goals
  • Plan an academic program that takes into account student goals and disability-related needs
  • Determine necessary academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services
  • Orient to the college and services
  • Complete an Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP)

Students then meet with their DSS Counselor or LD Specialist at regular intervals

  • For priority registration
  • To request specific accommodations
  • To review and update their AAP
  • For on-going monitoring of academic progress

Students can schedule appointments with DSS Counselors or LD Specialist as needed for additional assistance. The DSS Counselors or LD Specialists understand how having a disability may affect a student's success in college or on the job. With the student, they can

  • Discuss progress,
  • Help make adjustments in plans and accommodations,
  • Problem solve issues that arise and impact the educational program,
  • Address the impact of life adjustment issues and disability status on their educational program.

While DSS does not provide personal therapy, DSS Counselors or LD Specialists can refer students to such resources for assistance.

DSS Counselors or LD Specialists are available by appointment through the DSS Office and they also keep a regular schedule of Drop-In hours for short consultations.

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