Section Three: Disability Support Programs & Services Division Instruction

Repeating Classes

Courses at De Anza have a designated maximum number of times they may be taken for credit. Unless it is specified that one can retake a course more than once, the general rule in most courses is that you may re-enroll and repeat only those courses in which you receive a grade of “D” or “F.”

There are some De Anza courses which do designate the option to be repeated for credit more than once. Check the Schedule of Classes for each course’s “repeatable for credit” allowance. If the curriculum allows for this in a particular course, a student may enroll for a maximum of four to six times.  Although few exceptions to this policy are made, if you believe you need to repeat a course, meet with your DSS Counselor or LD Specialist.

The DSPS Division offers a number of Educational Assistance Courses that may be repeated beyond the published repeat limit, per Title 5 of the California Education Code, Section 56029. Once the curricular repetition limit is reached a student will need to meet with his/her DSS Counselor or LD Specialist and petition for an exception to repeat over the allowance. Because these are Educational Assistance classes, extenuating circumstances related to a students disability and educational limitations may justify repetition.

Adapted Physical Education (PEA) courses and other Educational Assistance Course repetitions can be requested on a Course Repetition Request Form (available in DSS and APE). These are approved by staff in the APE or DSS program offices. Although there are no set limits to repeating such courses, students circumstances must meet allowable regulation standards to be approved.  Repeats are intended to accommodate a student's educational limitations and goals set forth in their Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP).

Requests to exceed the repeat policy in all other college courses must be filed on an Academic Council petition. Your DSS Counselor or LD Specialist can assist you to complete and file the proper forms and follow up to ensure that, if approved, you are able to enroll.

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